Balikbayan boxes

Balik means “ To return” and bayan means “town” in tagalog words. It has been named balikbayan box back in 1973 by that time philippine president Ferdinand Marcos.

The word “balikbayan” was suggested, and at that time, the philippine president encouraged Filipino Americans to visit their hometown of the philippine.

Those individuals who had to do so were known as “balikbayan”. On their return to their hometown, they were bringing gifts, and home items to their loved ones in the philippine.

And the boxes they use, to bring gifts, were named balikbayan boxes and the government waived the custom fee of two boxes per individual.

Now balikbayan box has become famous and is used for sending gifts and household items to the philippine.


UMAC cargo philippine offers their services to ship balikbayan boxes to the philippine. UMAC balikbayan boxes shipping rates are also affordable and their service is more reliable than other freight forwarding companies.

UMAC Cargo has many branches throughout the world providing excellent facilities to their customer for shipping balikbayan boxes.

UMAC has a pickup-from-home service also which saves our customers precious time. Upon pickup, umac provides a tracking number just save that number which will help you track your shipment location.

balikbayan box


UMAC provides different sizes of balikbayan boxes which are categorised as small, xl, jumbo, and large medium bulilit also includes regular box half-box promo boxes.

Umac jumbo balikbayan box
Jumbo box
  • Reglar box: 23 x 20 x17 inches
  • Jumbo box: 22 x 22 x43 inches
  • Bulilit box: 22 x 17 x12 inches
  • Large box: 22 x 22 x 24 inches
  • Half box: 18.5 x 18.5 x 16 inches
  • Promo box: 15.25 x 15. 25 x 16 inches

These are the common sizes of the boxes however, they may be changed in different countries.

The price of the boxes varies from size to size and also from country to country. However, the most common prices of the balikbayan boxes are; 10$ for regular boxes and 5$ for baby boxes etc.

However,  you can purchase balikbayan boxes with the latest prices from your near market or stores.


The prices of umac balikbayan boxes in umac varies from size to size and from country to country However the Most common price for the regular box is 10$ for the Baby box is 5$.

You can track your umac balikbayan box by just entering your box number and last name in the tracking tool.

It depends on the dimensions of the box that how much weight a box can carry. A box with 54 x 41 x 37 dimensions can carry around 40kg.

Yes, the balikbayan box will be tax or duty-free when you are a qualified Filipino and the value of the item that you are sending throughout the year should be less than 150,000 php according to the Bureau of custom philippine.

Normally, it takes about 5 to 6 weeks to deliver a balikbayan box from abroad to the philippine at your doorstep.


Balikbayan boxes are boxes used by Filipinos abroad to send gifts and household items to their loved ones in the Philippines.

UMAC Cargo Philippines offers reliable and affordable shipping services for balikbayan boxes. The boxes will be tax-free if the value of the items being sent is less than 150,000 PHP.

And the delivery time is approximately 5-6 weeks. Customers can track their shipments by using a tracking number provided by the company.